A fine critical hit!

4th Jan 2020, 12:10 PM in Chapter 17. A smoky road
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A fine critical hit!
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Valares 4th Jan 2020, 12:10 PM edit delete
Hello Friends!!!

I finally officially released Version 1.0 of "Lore Book as a NEW MENU BUTTON"! It contains the page one of each of the sections.


It is hard work, but it is necessary to give consistency to the story I am building. Putting it all together in one place will make it easier
for me to get the information and put together the puzzle that is creating a fantastic world like this!

It's a special content, and I put a lot of work to do so, so I made a Patreon TIER especially for that. Forgive me, but the contribution
to have access to so much content is necessary. For the book's release, I put in $ 8 a month, so this contribution will help me keep
the section updated.

When the book is released a few years from now, I release it for a one-off purchase, but of course anyone who is already contributing
will not have to pay anything else to have the book permanently!

Stay tuned!