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Updates - September 1/4

by Valares
Hello Guys!!

I`ll try to update at least 1 time for week! winkyes

For now, the first part of Chapter 8!

Chapter 8. A moment to rest After defeating their enemy, Valares and Alandra imprison her, take some rest and search for items in the tower. (8)


New Intro Page!

by Valares
Hello friends!

I`ve made a small update on the intro page ( where now newcommers can see what`s all about this history! yeswink

New Layout buttons and more!

by Valares
Hello Guys!

I`ve update more things on layout an more!

- New image menu buttons
- New Page (Monsters Manual) with everything about the monsters of world of Ascalon! Monsters Manual!!!

More to come soon!!!

- World Map menu!

New Chapter update!

by Valares
A big update!

- Chapter 4. A nice view Leaving behind the goblins' cave, the two warriors climb the mountain to find a safe place (4)
- Chapter 5. Moving on Valares and Alandra follow the path into the vast plain after losing the goblins (5)

On the way! laugh

- Chapter 6. Trails of Blood On the way to find more equipment, Valares and Alandra finds more than that! (6)

Chapters 4 and 5!

by Valares
Hello Guys!!!

For this week, I`ll update Chapter 4 and 5! Stay tuned! laugh

Characters Bio Page!

by Valares
Hello Guys!

I`ve got a nice update adding a page named ˜Characters˜!!! There I`ll be updating the characters of my story! :D

*It`s Flash Player only... sorry!
**I`ve got a HTLM5 format, althought I was unable to submit on this site.. :(

Welcome all!!!

by Valares
Hello Guys!

As you can see, I’m new here, but I can say finnaly found a nice place to put some of my works! laugh

I’m huge fan of action figures, and I fought, why not make some stories with them?

The Exiled Gladiatrix is a dream become true. Usind and modding my actions to make stories is much fun!! wink

For now, I’ll update each Thursday. I’m still fixing some things on homepage too.

Se you all next chapter!!!
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