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Chapter 17 is done!

by Valares

Hello Friends!

Kaslik and Beatrix are doing very well, although there is a tense mood between them because of such a female Elf he encountered sometime ago.

Next Chapter will be!

Chapter 18. A thief disguise The mission is going well, but to advance without attention, Beatrix dresses as a thief to enter the lair of the Lancasters. 

Here the link to the actual chapters!

Chapter 17. A Smoky road
Kaslik and Beatrix find a thief on the way, but they need to be careful not to get attention!
108.Ironies of fate
109.Beatrix is wonderful!
111.You perverted bastard!
112.Do as you please!
113.A Milk Fontain!
114.Was that a dream?
115.What do you have in mind?
116.A damsel in distress!
117.The sensual bait
118.Tobacco smell trails
119.An impatient thief
120.A fine critical hit!

Book of Lore Released (Version 1.0)(Patreons Only)

by Valares

Hello Friends!!!

I finally officially released Version 1.0 of "Book of Lore"! It contains the page one of each of the sections as some image preview
(Races and Planets) attached.


It is hard work, but it is necessary to give consistency to the story I am building. Putting it all together in one place will make it easier
for me to get the information and put together the puzzle that is creating a fantastic world like this!

It's a special content, and I put a lot of work to do so, so I made a Patreon TIER especially for that. Forgive me, but the contribution
to have access to so much content is necessary. For the book's release, I put in $ 8 a month, so this contribution will help me keep
the section updated.

When the book is released a few years from now, I release it for a one-off purchase, but of course anyone who is already contributing
will not have to pay anything else to have the book permanently!

Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!!!!

by Valares


by Valares
Hello Guys!
The map section is updated!!! laugh

December 2019 News!

by Valares
Come and check the new characters!!! Beatrix the Sorceress, Cassandra the Silver Gladiatrix and none other than Lucia the Golden Gladiatrix!

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Now you can follow news and infos on Twitter and Facebook!!

(3)Now you can vote my webcomic on TOPWEBCOMICS!!! This will help me make my work better known! I really need your help in every way possible! Thank you!!!

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Merry Christmas 2019!!!

by Valares

Hello Friends and Patreons!

This is the most magical time of the year. The streets are clothed with light, the houses of peace and harmony, and the hearts of generosity.

To all of you I want to wish the best of the best. May all your wishes come true and happiness reign in your lives! ☃️

Merry Christmas my friends!

Chapter 14 is done!

by Valares

Hello guys!

Chapter 14 is finally done! Intense moments between Alandra and Valares have occurred in this chapter, but now we will move on to the last chapter of this season!

The next Chapter will be:

Chapter 15. The worst nightmare! Betrayed and abandoned by her beloved Alandra, now Valares must endure the horrors of the island again alone ... and now, her worst nightmare! 


Below, follow the links from the last chapter available:

Chapter 14. A love of interest

After escaping the Goblins, the two warriors share their feelings of love.
77.Expressions of love
78.You are mine
79.The game goes on!
80.No milk at all...
81.Kind words of Alandra
82.A hand job!
83.A tasty pussy!
84.That was intense!
85.No more talk, just kiss me!

Chapter 12 is done!

by Valares

Hello friends!

Chapter 13 is finally fully done!! 

I had to travel for two weeks this month and the frequency of updating was lower, but I have enough material ready for the month of December and the Patreons have already started watching the first chapter of Season Two in advance!

Don't waste any more time and become Patreons for $ 1 or $ 4 per month! :)

Next chapter will be:
Chapter 14 - A love of interest! (After escaping the Goblins, the two warriors share their feelings of love.)!

Chapter 13. Time to leave!
After suffering much, Valares and Alandra escape from the old tower.

71.Lucky girls...
72.A Fairy!
73.And there she goes...
74.She is virgin!
75.It`s just a cliff
76.She got a point!
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