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Chapter 23 is done!!!

by Valares

Hello friends!

Chapter 23 was intense! The mission is about to end, but for Isidora it's over and she got what she wanted! Stronger than ever, Isidora wants more and to become immortal! Meanwhile, our heroes struggle to defeat her Magical Skeleton!

Next Chapter will be:

Chapter 24. On the right trail This mission has proved to be much more difficult than they imagined, but they still find the strength to continue the search for Alex! 

Chapter 22 is done!!!

by Valares

Hello friends!

Chapter 22 was incredible, wasn't it? Beatrix finally showed what she came for! But it still wasn't enough to defeat this terrible monster summoned by Princess Isidora! 

Will they be able to get out of this and still have time and energy to find and capture Alex?!

In the next chapter I will tell you how the exploration of Yelen's Catacomb is going on from Princess Isidora's point of view!

Chapter 23. The sleeping terror Alex's gang, under the orders of Princess Isidora, search Yelen's abandoned Catacomb to awaken a terror asleep for millennia!

New Character - Princess Isidora!

by Valares

Hello guys!

Today I present you the most famous girl in the Kingdom of Niara, Princess Isidora!

Daughter of King Tureon II with her mother Lisandra, the princess is well known in the kingdom for her huge breasts and for being Leader of the Order of the Royal Milky Maids, although very few people have seen her, even from afar.

Still in the 2nd Season, we will see a little of her and a relationship with the leader of the Lancasters, Alex!

A girl who has immense milky power and also very intelligent, but hide her intentions and desires from everyone! What does she want anyway?

Chapter 20 is done!!!

by Valares

Hello Guys!!!

Another chapter completed! The group is stronger, but the challenge only increases exponentially! Will our friends do the job?!

Next chapter will be!

Chapter 21. A tank for the party! With the group strengthened by a frontline warrior, Beatrix and her friend have more chances to capture Alex Lancaster!

Chapter 19 is done!

by Valares

Hello Friends!

Beatrix had to prove his worth to the pack, but although he accepted her, they are still suspicious of his real intentions.

Anyway, in the next chapter we will see the confusion that will be with the arrival of Cassandra, one of the warriors of the Order of the Silver Gladiatrixes!

Next chapter will be:

  • Chapter 20. Red Haired Amazonian! Everything was going well, but Beatrix was surprised by one of her countrygirls, a powerful red-haired warrior! 

Chapter 18 is done!

by Valares

Hello friends!

In this last chapter Beatrix has turned out quite well as a Thief, considering that her talents are specifically Lacta Arcane Magic ... But she must spare herself, for her worst challenge, will need all her power!

Next chapter will be:

  • Chapter 19. Proving your worth!
    Beatrix does her best to become a Lancaster thief and collect all kinds of useful information! But Is it enough? 

Chapter 17 is done!

by Valares

Hello Friends!

Kaslik and Beatrix are doing very well, although there is a tense mood between them because of such a female Elf he encountered sometime ago.

Next Chapter will be!

Chapter 18. A thief disguise The mission is going well, but to advance without attention, Beatrix dresses as a thief to enter the lair of the Lancasters. 

Here the link to the actual chapters!

Chapter 17. A Smoky road
Kaslik and Beatrix find a thief on the way, but they need to be careful not to get attention!
108.Ironies of fate
109.Beatrix is wonderful!
111.You perverted bastard!
112.Do as you please!
113.A Milk Fontain!
114.Was that a dream?
115.What do you have in mind?
116.A damsel in distress!
117.The sensual bait
118.Tobacco smell trails
119.An impatient thief
120.A fine critical hit!

Book of Lore Released (Version 1.0)(Patreons Only)

by Valares

Hello Friends!!!

I finally officially released Version 1.0 of "Book of Lore"! It contains the page one of each of the sections as some image preview
(Races and Planets) attached.


It is hard work, but it is necessary to give consistency to the story I am building. Putting it all together in one place will make it easier
for me to get the information and put together the puzzle that is creating a fantastic world like this!

It's a special content, and I put a lot of work to do so, so I made a Patreon TIER especially for that. Forgive me, but the contribution
to have access to so much content is necessary. For the book's release, I put in $ 8 a month, so this contribution will help me keep
the section updated.

When the book is released a few years from now, I release it for a one-off purchase, but of course anyone who is already contributing
will not have to pay anything else to have the book permanently!

Stay tuned!

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