Blog - Chapter 17 is done!

Chapter 17 is done!

by Valares

Hello Friends!

Kaslik and Beatrix are doing very well, although there is a tense mood between them because of such a female Elf he encountered sometime ago.

Next Chapter will be!

Chapter 18. A thief disguise The mission is going well, but to advance without attention, Beatrix dresses as a thief to enter the lair of the Lancasters. 

Here the link to the actual chapters!

Chapter 17. A Smoky road
Kaslik and Beatrix find a thief on the way, but they need to be careful not to get attention!
108.Ironies of fate
109.Beatrix is wonderful!
111.You perverted bastard!
112.Do as you please!
113.A Milk Fontain!
114.Was that a dream?
115.What do you have in mind?
116.A damsel in distress!
117.The sensual bait
118.Tobacco smell trails
119.An impatient thief
120.A fine critical hit!