Blog - Book of Lore Released (Version 1.0)(Patreons Only)

Book of Lore Released (Version 1.0)(Patreons Only)

by Valares

Hello Friends!!!

I finally officially released Version 1.0 of "Book of Lore"! It contains the page one of each of the sections as some image preview
(Races and Planets) attached.


It is hard work, but it is necessary to give consistency to the story I am building. Putting it all together in one place will make it easier
for me to get the information and put together the puzzle that is creating a fantastic world like this!

It's a special content, and I put a lot of work to do so, so I made a Patreon TIER especially for that. Forgive me, but the contribution
to have access to so much content is necessary. For the book's release, I put in $ 8 a month, so this contribution will help me keep
the section updated.

When the book is released a few years from now, I release it for a one-off purchase, but of course anyone who is already contributing
will not have to pay anything else to have the book permanently!

Stay tuned!