Blog - Chapter 14 is done!

Chapter 14 is done!

by Valares

Hello guys!

Chapter 14 is finally done! Intense moments between Alandra and Valares have occurred in this chapter, but now we will move on to the last chapter of this season!

The next Chapter will be:

Chapter 15. The worst nightmare! Betrayed and abandoned by her beloved Alandra, now Valares must endure the horrors of the island again alone ... and now, her worst nightmare! 


Below, follow the links from the last chapter available:

Chapter 14. A love of interest

After escaping the Goblins, the two warriors share their feelings of love.
77.Expressions of love
78.You are mine
79.The game goes on!
80.No milk at all...
81.Kind words of Alandra
82.A hand job!
83.A tasty pussy!
84.That was intense!
85.No more talk, just kiss me!